Altmühl valley meeting 9.28

  • I'll start ...

    were again nice days with you, even if much too short. Thanks as always to all who have made the 10.te AMT possible, especially to Armin and family, and Stefan&Megie and team.

    The turquoise now stands in the driveway with almost 1400km more on the speedometer. With new chip it ran well, and had then burned on average 13.6l Super+.


    Gregor and Dani

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    Porsche 928 GTS, MJ93, Schalter

  • MUV17 :drive:

    Mitglied des T UV · Ein Auto ist ein Gebrauchsgegenstand. Ich benutze es, um von A nach A zu fahren.

  • Hai, one can only join :wink:, Thank you. Again met new, nice people and had nice conversations. And a super ride to the wooden ball. Always strong to drive/stand in column on the park island with subsequent photos from above. Super Matthias with your drone.

    Many greetings Sylke and Gunther

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  • Hi @all,

    was great as always ! Thanks Armin & crew :t: :t: and also to Stefan, Megi and team :thumb: :thumb:

    Everything went well again, weather mostly, Benzingespäche, technical support etc etc pp :thumbup-alternative: :thumbup-alternative:

    So everything as it should be so !

    Until soon then one again!


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    Klimabedienteil instandsetzen lassen und auf warmweiße LED-Beleuchtung in Originaloptik umrüsten? --> Nachricht an mich!

  • Well, what can I say...... (me old man.... :old:... :lol: ) I still got asylum and was allowed to spend with wife the whole weekend with you and it was as always MEGA! !!! It is an insane troop! I am still totally flashed. Especially since I was allowed to drive the way back from Munich myself, :drive: THANK YOU to Ecki! Your plan has fully worked.... :thumb:

    Thanks also to Armin with wife, Stefan and Megie and all who contributed to the success!!! :headbange

    I am already looking forward to the next meeting like mad!

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    ... hier könnte was Sinvolles stehen,z.B. ein BIER...

    -ehemals: 924, 944, 928 S4- Schalter
    -jetzt: 928 S- Automat MJ 84, Standart Star 238

  • From my side also many thanks for the nice weekend with you all. I was able to meet some new people and refresh old contacts. There was a lot of time for good conversations and plenty of fuel.

    Thanks to the "Baumgarts" and "Rupps" for the great organization and the effort required for this in the run-up and certainly now afterwards (Megi said something about 50 loads of washing today in the big commercial washing machine 🙈). Always nice to be able to experience that....

    I still can not separate from the Altmühltal, am still on site (to do with Armin still some vehicle maintenance and will then stick me perhaps as "very last generation" to his hall door... 😏

    I hope it won't take too long until we meet again (some of you already on the alpine tour end of September...)



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    (86er 928 S2)

    (89er 928 S4 - 92er Prototyp Strosek Ultra Wing)


    Kann man durch kräftiges Gas geben
    ganz links auf der Autobahn neue Überholspuren erzeugen?

  • Hello together,

    it was once again "SPITZE"!!!

    Many thanks to Armin, Alex, Stefan, Megi and all who were there. The ATM is just mega great.

    And another special thanks to Ralf, your support has helped me a lot.

    Very dear greetings,

    Biggi & Sepp

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  • Even if we only got to the wooden ball, it was a very nice afternoon. Especially funny to learn that Camarossa and I currently live only 2 kilometers apart. :])

    Greetings Simon :wink:

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    928 GT / EZ 05 1991 / Sportfahrwerk original/
    ca. 200tkm

  • So, we have also arrived back home safely. It was again a successful meeting, with only nice people!

    Thanks for all the effort that brings such a meeting with it. Especially to Armin and Alex as well as to Megie and Stefan with the whole team behind it.

    Love greetings

    Agnes and Dieter

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  • So now also from me a huge thank you for the really great anniversary meeting dear Armin and team. ;)

    Thanks for the great organization and for bringing together so many exciting and cool people. The next AMT is already reserved in any case - is there already a binding date for the next vacation planning?

    Now it's time to look forward to another 1 year and to start some new construction sites and mini-projects. :)

    In this sense good trip to all Petrolheads and until the days


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