992 GTS chassis too hard

  • If a suspension is stuckerig, it is not too hard, but roughly wrong tuned. If it were so, the corresponding department at Porsche would not sleep well anymore.

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  • Would there perhaps some KW coil springs remedy? Has anyone already tested them in conjunction with the GTS?

    Greeting marty

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  • Seriously... it's also a sports car. I can't expect it to have a chassis like an S-Class. I can think of endless analogies, but in the end, the idea of how it could be and the reality diverge a bit. And either you lie to yourself sometimes or I join the previous speakers with the wrong advice.

    The base Carrera without sport suspension is definitely the better alternative if the suspension is currently too hard.

    Of course, that doesn't help you now and hence my advice:

    Other chassis brings m.E. for you only disadvantages (no Approved possible, accessory chassis mostly not on comfort, but on sportiness developed).

    Test drive an S or a basic Carrera. If the chassis suits you better, take advantage of the currently still excellent GTS used car prices and swap the GTS for a standard 11.

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  • k:good: That's exactly what I've been thinking all along. It makes no sense to order a "Spochtwagen", which can really "Spocht" and then complain about a hard chassis. That definitely misses the point.

    The compromise solution is still in the range PASM +10mm, but then it is already layer in the series, or you go to the after-market solutions and tinkered with a lot of money his wonderful GTS for the Mustard operation.

    The decision to buy a GTS was probably not the right one... or as the advertising likes to say: if it's too hard for you, you're too weak for the GTS. :kwink:

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  • I would very much like to ride GTS or ride around the FW.

    Can not really imagine that the FW is (too) hard 🤔

    So I find the chassis super, am also already driven long distance highway and find it good! Where are you coming from, can like to drive or ride along.



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  • Thanks for the offer :thumb: :thumb:.

    Near Bamberg. Maybe there is something :drive: :wink:

    Could you also make a back to back comparison with 992 GT3 :])

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    Ciao Stefan

    Möge der Grip mit dir sein!

  • Have some here deliberately chosen the 0€ option PAsm suspension, and then still feel the suspension as too hard ?

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  • This is all very subjective, have the "normal" GTS without PDCC and feel the car as super well tuned and a pleasure to drive. As many here have already said, it is just then a sports car, what should you expect? I would have been disappointed if it had been otherwise. Have read here and there that he should be more comfortable with PDCC on the straights ... but I can not say anything about it ...

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  • You always write about sports cars having to be hard, do you?

    what about Mc Laren, they can do it without being hard as nails????

    and on the track, a slightly softer set-up is often better.

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  • I feel the same way. I am very satisfied with the GTS.
    Have about 5000km on'm humpback (highway, highway, passes, ...) and can not complain.

    But it would be best to experience it for yourself. And a trip to Bamberg would be but times what k:good:

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