992 GTS chassis too hard

  • but that is often how it is :cursing:

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  • I would very much like to ride GTS or ride around the FW.

    Can not really imagine that the FW is (too) hard 🤔

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  • Some people probably also don't know that the hard suspension with helper springs can be cancelled. :wink:

    That would be a classic consulting error on the part of the dealership, or at least a communication problem between the customer and the salesperson.

    I would not rely on the advice of a salesperson, they are not that deep in the subject.

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  • It is not.

    Here probably writes again the Ü60 generation with second hip. :old:

    You know that beforehand, the chassis in the 991 GTS was also harder than in the 991 C2S.

    Inform and try out helps! It's the same whining as with the bucket seats: "It's so difficult to get in...".

    We are still talking about a re-seasoned sports car. I find the FW comparable to the 991 in terms of harshness.

    I drove it on the track twice last year once in the Alps, otherwise everyday tasks.

    I would be more interested when Pirelli Corsa for 305/30/21 come. I think then the GT3 colleagues must

    sweat quite a bit.

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  • Please correct me if I am wrong:

    PDCC has nothing to do with the hardness, but with the slope

    GTS suspension not harder than PASM-1 on the normal Carrera S

    Helper springs also have no influence on hardness

    Influencing factors would be:

    Order PASM "normal

    Lower air pressure

    Sports seats instead of shells

    With replacement chassis would have to be considered

    Approved gone

    Mostly lower than PASM-1, so optics effect (which you have to like) and possibly sit up, if no lift.

    For me, the normal suspension on the 4S is now too soft for sporty driving. Perceived GTS with PDCC optimal.

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  • PDCC has nothing to do with hardness.

    Look here: https://presskit.porsche.de/sp…kstabilisierung-pdcc.html

    I still say that PDCC is not necessary for the 911. 90% of drivers won't notice a difference.

    I might think about it on the higher burgs alá Cayenne.

    Point 4 to your mentioned points: Change tires, the Pirelli and Goodyear are relatively hard.

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  • Am some Ü60. had so far at the "own" chassis, but still no exchange had to make; so still everything original from birth ;). Find the chassis of the GTS wonderful; not too hard, not too soft - especially since you can "play" with the different driving modes.

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  • Does then really almost everyone with a GTS over the race track? or is that here only in the forum with so many sports enthusiasts the case?

    I think times the GTS is bought by many who want a sporty look incl a more present exhaust sound, but do not necessarily go to the track and also do not want a hard buck. Some probably also do not know that the hard chassis with helper springs can be turned off. :wink:

    So I drive the GTS exclusively for cruising and now and then fast straight on the highway. More I can not and more I do not want.

    Sure it would have done a non GTS. But the GTS Targa looks simply ingenious and sounds (for my feeling) sensational. At least from the inside - and that is the only place where I perceive it.

    But I don't find anything too harsh there. Although I am old and round. The part is just divine.

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  • Many people buy the GTS for its looks.

    Everything should look as much like a racing car as possible. But then please drive like a sedan. Both together is difficult.

    But as someone here already wrote, a salesman should actually make a needs analysis with the customer and then recommend comfort-increasing equipment if necessary.

    The question is whether the customer wants this at all and whether the salesman can do it at all.

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  • Then I clearly belong to the 10%

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