• Horny, with DIN license plate! ....behält the Batmobile the? please, please, please!


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  • If the base is good (which it obviously is), you could make an SC/RS out of it.
    This is just thinking "in the blue" without knowing the spare parts availability in detail.

    With kind regards, Tom

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    Acht Zylinder sind vier zu wenig!

  • Never seen such a thing 😂

    It's funny what kind of ideas people come up with. I would actually be interested in the background story of the car. You may think what you want but somehow it has its own charm 😁 maybe it was the only way for the previous owner to drive the car as long as possible and if it was possible for him ... well then it was worth it 👍

    Besides, now there's someone who has work and compensation with it. I'm super excited to see what comes of it! Do not give up!

    What will this be in two years for a great thread, if there at the end of ne red beauty out of it :thumbsup:

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  • paintball Absolutely cool story and entertainingly written. That's what I call a car with history, even if it means a lot of work for you now. The car just screams for an "Outlaw" conversion, at least that would be my plan if I were in your place. In any case, I wish you good luck & success with whatever you plan to do with the car. Will of course continue to follow the progress:thumbup-alternative:

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  • skaterpope and paintball

    Oh what - in the Yanks it would now say:

    "Car needs some Paintwork, but runs and drives great..."

    First remove everything that doesn't belong there - looks worse than it is...

    and whether the paint is "bad" or "really bad"... it has to come off anyway...

    Greeting Stefan

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  • Hello Clemens

    Cool story with the previous owner and ne (be) ha (ä) mmer (te) action to buy the box ... :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    I find absolutely great, the positive " Spinner " are the salt in the soup on this planet ...

    In any case, the project seems to me " more manageable " than to tie a 200 year old Rustico to the leg ... :)

    In this sense - go for it, I keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Greetings Peter

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  • Hello Clemens,

    Good luck that will.

    I think you have yes deducted the 5000K for the rear spoiler....🤣🤣

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  • @all: Many thanks for your unexpected positive encouragement k:thankyou:. Of course, I will continue k:mechanic: and k:computing: and you also a final picture with hopefully respectable outcome here in pff put. But it may take some time.

    I actually think a lot about the previous owner, what he thought about this and that, what were his motives. And, it was his car, he could do what he wanted with it. He certainly loved that 11.

    And it was my decision (was I sober k:thinking:?) to make something equally special out of this Porsche 911 SC and get it safely back on the road. I'm super excited about this task.

    My internist said the other day (before I bought it) that I urgently need to change something about my lifestyle. Whether that was what he meant, I don't know :kwink: but the Batmobile is already doing me a world of good.

    Many good and correct sentences have been written here k:good:, see you soon k:drinks:


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  • Very beautiful story, touching.

    Call the Blaube...

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