Ignition lead set 924

  • Moin,

    My ignition wires are pretty much shot by now and I want to install a new set. I have a 924 with the 125hp engine. It is currently running on 3 cylinders only.

    Is there anything wrong with this set? Does anyone have any experience with this?


    many greetings


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  • Hello Peter,

    do not know the product - but I would not pay money for it. Product rating 6/10 points - for a cable set?

    You want to eliminate errors and not install new ones.

    Greetings Stefan

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  • Have also recently replaced the, but cheap I can not afford.

    A set of a quality manufacturer such as NGK, Beru or Champion costs the even > 60 €

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  • They are from the manufacturer Bremi.

    And he is a well-known manufacturer of spare parts. Whether he also supplies directly as an original equipment manufacturer I do not know.

    They should be ok.

    But I would have preferred Beru, NGK, Bosch ... preferred.

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