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  • How stupid do you have to be for that? k:facepalm:

    On the one hand, the gluing action, which is already idiotic, but then the demands for pee bowls and food of choice...! And such idiots are then also still employed in the research....


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    Nach 320'000 Spiegeleiern kann die Kantine nicht so schlecht gewesen sein!
    Harm Lagaay

    PS: Ich heisse nicht Greetz k:thinking:

  • And best of all: The climate whiners complain that you turn off the lights (save electricity, guys!) and turn down the heating (save energy, guys!).

    And besides: According to my information, the toilets were open all the time. So what?

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  • As one could learn from usually well-informed circles, one was very anxious to meet the wishes of the activists (and inside?). But this did not turn out to be easy.

    Since the vegan star chef Attila Hildmann is still on the run and therefore could not be flown in, an adequate replacement had to be sought first. Someone from the lineup of well-known TV chefs was unfortunately out of the question, since although they also have vegetarian dishes in their repertoire, they do not cook exclusively vegetarian. The danger of contamination of the dishes to be served was therefore obvious. It is quite understandable that they did not want to get involved in this.

    Important questions also had to be clarified when selecting a suitable vessel for defecation. The choice of a gender-appropriate color was the main issue. While blue and pink each stand for a specific gender, this cannot be clearly defined for people in the Lgbtq+ community. However, until this was clarified, it was impossible to provide the activists with an acceptable pot. Also of importance was the material of the pot. Plastic was ruled out from the outset because of fundamental concerns, and jute unfortunately does not meet the requirements in terms of impermeability. That left wood, which of course had to come from biodynamic cultivation. Corresponding certifications and proofs must of course be provided. Tropical woods were not excluded on principle, provided that they were demonstrably sustainably produced and harvested during the full moon. In this case, the transport to Germany must be climate-neutral. An example of this would be Greta's journey across the Atlantic in a high-tech yacht. It was not possible to determine conclusively whether the time required to perform the emergency stop would have been sufficient to carry out the transport.

    Ultimately, however, it must be stated that the scientist of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Gianluca Grimalda, is partly to blame for the whole misery. After all, he works at an institution that has so far suppressed all these urgent questions, preferring instead to devote itself to research into the drivers and consequences of international economic activity, the integration and disintegration of global markets, and the possibilities and limits of political action in open economies.

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  • Stuck in museum in front of dinosaur skeletons :…useum-in-berlin-li.281972



    If the ladies had informed themselves before,

    they would have known that the dinosaurs died at the end of the Cretaceous period, in which the earth was ice-free and warmer than today, not because of a climate change by CO², but because of a meteorite impact...

    ...and this ice-free period of the earth history, the longest, most stable and safest for the life on earth was - with an approx. 4 times so high CO² content in the atmosphere and about 8.5 degrees on the average warmer, than today ! :deal:

    ...only times so incidentally noticed. :wink:

    An ice-free earth seems to be not really soo bad for the global life... k:thinking:

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  • Am also climate activist😇 my Porsches stick to the ground and we only drive at Schönwetter🙋‍♂️🍀

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    Hans aus Bayern :drive:
    since 1967

    "Die Ideallinie verlässt die Strecke nie" k:gimmefive:

  • If the adhesives used in these crimes (presumably the environmentally friendly cyanoacrylates) are from Henkel, I am pleased as a shareholder.

    Greetings Rudi

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    A female cyclist was run over by a truck in Berlin. Rescue workers arrived late, according to reports - probably because climate activists were blocking the city highway

    no comment....

    That makes me want to burst.

    Do like in France. Simply tear away the riffraff.

    They cost me half a day.

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    Biene Maja, Willi, Schlumpf.

    330 370 265

  • Last summer during IAA 380km tried to drive to Munich, full closure before Munich, after 2 hours diverted and turned around, appointment was canceled, 380km back. Week after just driven again to Munich 800km in addition. Well, do you climate dorks notice anything?

    Since then I have a tooth fairy in my car, complete with ball and glove...


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