Source of supply door handle?

  • Folks I am in despair.

    On my 84 3.2 the passenger door handle is in the bucket, the lever is broken.

    Have now two different handles lying here, one from Rosepassion, one from JP.

    The Rose one doesn't fit at all and the workmanship is an outrage.

    The JP would fit if my cylinder went in there.

    There is a new cylinder with it, it is definitely longer than the old one and has a different shape too.

    The old cylinder does not extend to this square nut.

    This can't be true!

    I don't want to change all the cylinders because of shit like this!

    Does anyone know advice?

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  • What's wrong with using the new cylinder? Does it work?

    If so, can the cylinder be recoded to your old key?


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  • The trend is to buy NOTHING new....

    Can't you just rebuild the broken lever?


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  • A used part from the "butchers" ?

    Ruf CTR.................. who can certainly name sources.


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  • Is it just about the lever to unlock? I ordered mine from partworks. Are milled from aluminum, actually beautifully finished. Unfortunately, but also not a perfect fit, I had to file off the (not visible place). With was not quite clear whether it was on the levers, or on my handles, where the grinding places the aluminum is corroded and therefore bloomed. But was probably also on the new parts. In the double pack slim 140 Ocken.... + maybe new sealing rubbers between body and handle and send the new scrap back.

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  • Put a picture of the broken lever.

    I still have a few old, defective, unsightly handles here. I could give you the toggle. I do not throw anything away, and if someone can still use something, I'm happy...

    as you can see, they are slightly different. Of course not cleaned

    I was also looking for the handles. Also there you can see height differences in the lock area and structural changes, although the part number is the same: 911.531.061/062.00

    both original Porsche handles

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  • Hello,

    If the new handles fit otherwise, then you can but also the lock plate to the existing key.

    Greetings Stefan

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