Defective locking cylinder driver's side no longer available - repair possible?

  • Hi,

    now it has also caught me with the lock cylinder, with me at the FS. I thought I order a new cylinder with the key card in the PZ.

    The order was taken 2 months ago. An inquiry now, how it looks with the part, yielded the answer: currently no longer available, is possibly completely discontinued, because parts would be missing. Now I have read with much excitement your contributions with platelets and springs, but I'm not technician enough to "reprogram" or repair it myself. And a lock on the FS with its own new key I do not want.

    Do you have a tip who can repair it for me or even "program" a blank new part?

    Thanks for your help and many greetings!

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  • Just put some grease in a syringe and press that into the lock.

    Try to turn the key in and out. Eventually, the caked platelets loosen and it goes again like new.

    With me so repaired and goes for 4 years. :wink:

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  • Install remote control, if the lock can no longer be made viable.

    In a pinch, the passenger side is still there.

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  • You can check with key professor Luke!


    Henk Jan

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