Fluid drops under the front apron front left?

  • One can approach practical problems also purely theoretically....meistens must however somewhere times a hand, a nose, a few eyes (no corns!) and ideally a little gumption be taken, in order to clarify such questions...

    And gasoline after filling up the tank could it not be?

    Does it smell like gasoline?

    Is it highly flammable?

    Brake fluid is also flammable, but fuel still burns much easier than BF.

    Besides, you wrote yourself:


    have a drop of oily(?) fluid after parking seemingly

    Nowadays, fuel is not oily - unless it's diesel, which I don't think is the case with an old 911. In the past it was something else. On the other hand, I've never seen a drop of fuel that didn't evaporate overnight. Unless it drips continuously. but then it's wet. And it will be until the tank is empty or the overflow stops overflowing.

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  • As Schulisco already wrote. It is impossible to analyze this from a distance.

    If in doubt, I take my finger, stir with it in the drop and lick it off.

    From this you can tell quite well whether it is coolant (which is not the case here), windshield washer fluid, air conditioning condensation, brake fluid, gasoline or cavity wax. But be careful. If the car is outside, it could also be cat pee....

    And don't worry, you won't die from it. You can also feel the consistency between your fingers.

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