Does anyone have experience with the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System

  • Hello,

    I am thinking about getting the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System installed. Does anyone have experience with this.

    I have found nothing in the G-model forum...

    Greetings Thomas

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  • What does Porsche charge for it?

    Since I'm back in Hamburg I also have a GPS tracker and an Apple Tag in it, not from Porsche, but the same monitoring functions (motion detector, GeoFence, sleep mode, listening function, etc.).

    Luckily the car has only been broken into in HH so far, but not stolen....


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  • Hello Thomas,

    I had also considered this for my 2 a few years ago. However, old Porsches are not stolen "just like that". Here are professionals at work on behalf.

    The car comes immediately in a lined trailer or container. The only thing you notice is that you no longer get a signal with the routine message. HISCOX (?) had a good publication about this years ago.

    From my point of view 2 Apple tags + a police claw are sufficient. One tag that is obvious to find (side compartment for example) and one well hidden. With the police claw you prevent towing away , moving out of a parking space as long as no crane is involved. I also have the claw on it in our TG, or on vacation overnight. I use a BS-UNIVERSA 285 (type 2000). The thing goes only with the cutting torch on. Watch out for the tire width! The upper bracket goes with the 11er only press between wheel arch and tire.

    Everything else runs for me under "electronic gimmick" and not theft protection.

    VG Bert

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  • Thanks for your tips ...

    AirTag was also on the list - I had already thought of two.

    So Porsche wants about 1.700 Euro for the Vehicle Tracking (plus Vodaphone contract).

    I already got a garage, the parking claw looks great ... I will order it for the garage - there are some oldtimers and nothing has been stolen yet, but better is better.

    The car is a G-model Speedster and I wanted to keep it for a while.

    At the PFF meeting the Litebox was shown. A lithium ion battery (also very light), which has an immobilizer and is controlled via an app. But against a crane this does not help either.

    Thank you and greetings, Thomas

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