992 targa 4 GTS

  • Hello all,

    I recently ordered a targa 4 GTS. My first "new" Porsche. I have had a G model for 16 years. But the 992 has really excited me. I was told May 2023 as the delivery date or quote. Of course without obligation! I have no problem to wait. Two questions in the round I would have but. How are the delivery times with colleagues here who have now also just ordered and does it sometimes happen that the date slips forward?

    Many greetings and thanks


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  • So, I had time today and I have read here in the various threads to my questions. I am therefore up to date.

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  • Christoph, welcome and congratulations on your choice!

    The delivery time for your GTS Targa is identical to mine.

    Due to the current situation, I don't believe in an earlier date - I'll be happy if May is met.

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  • Moin,

    February 22 ordered, last change at the beginning of April - delivery date September 22 - whether it works - no idea, but PZ means - sure.

    Greetings from SH

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  • Congratulations on the Targa. Once a Targa, always a Targa. That's how it is for me, anyway. I feel like a million bucks in this car.

    I ordered my 992 Targa GTS at the end of January and it should be produced the first week of July. So it's going a little faster, which probably has to do with the fact that it's the 50th Anniversary Design Edition.

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    993s für die Nostalgie

    991.2 Targa 4 gts Exclusive Manufaktur Edition (verkauft) und ersetzt durch 992 GTS Targa 50 Jahre Design Edition (07/22), für den Wind um die Ohren

    Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo s um die Zukunft heute schon erleben zu dürfen (2022)

  • Moin Christoph, first of all congratulations! I actually just recently treated myself to my very first Porsche and also the dream version Targa GTS - because: Perfection in form and function.

    I ordered it in December, and as delivery date I got TOMORROW the 20th of July. With it I had already enormously luck. Unfortunately, the delivery is now delayed by two more weeks. Very sad: Since the factories in Leipzig then have vacations, the delivery will take place at my dealer in Hamburg. My son in particular was looking forward to the Porsche factory tour and everything that goes with it.

    The delivery times have probably currently shifted, however, with an order now far into next year. This is also reflected by the crazy prices on mobile, where immediately available vehicles, especially Targa GTS, are traded far above EC.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me that it will be ready in two weeks. As soon as I have driven it in, there is also another personal introduction / completion of my profile here. :thumbsup:
    LG Bilo.

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  • bilo303

    You are not alone - the day will come- there is no alternative- for Targafans.

    2 weeks more anticipation- see it that way.

    Greetings from SH

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  • Also ordered the Targa 4 GTS in April, delivery November 22.

    Find the Targa also iconic ... The shape has inspired me immediately since the 991 Targa came back with the bracket, I was blown away.

    The 992 then completely captivated me.... :)

    Please post pictures, to all of you receiving your Targa GTS vehicles, I can't wait for mine to arrive.

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  • So after 10T km the pictures :thumbsup:

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  • And on the weekend I still discovered these quirks crumbs in headlights li and inside li mirror console. mus at PZ it's fun to drive vg

    must with PZ

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