3 point belt USA rear seats remove brief instruction

  • So I just removed the rear seats from my 993 Cabrio and installed a luggage rack.

    Since I have found only the English version and this also differs somewhat from my experience I have made a few pictures of the individual steps.

    First unscrew the belt mounts

    then unscrew the 2 cross screws of the rear cover.

    Then unscrew the 3 nuts (13er) left and right of the rear seat backs.

    Then unscrew the 2 cross screws front left and right

    and 2 cross screws in front behind the backrests

    and the 8 nut at the top rear

    Loosen the cross screws of the belt passage at the top

    Thread the belt through and remove the cover.

    unscrew the belt holders (17mm nut)

    finally remove the 4 (17) screws at the back (you have to search under the carpet)

    and finally unscrew the (13er) screw in the front. With me was actually only one screw there and the English contribution speaks of 2 screws. Therefore, I unfortunately cut a little more carpet than was necessary.

    Then the carrier can come out. But it is also firmly connected to the carpet adhesive. So pull carefully and cut with a carpet knife.

    and the luggage rack purely.

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  • The shelf was made by the carpenter according to original dimensions and is more stable than the original.



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  • So a luggage system I have already some years in my 993 cabrio instead of the USA rear seats. Super luggage space and looks very nice. I was missing a lid. The glove box lids from 964/993 are almost änlich, but not quite. Man must still process something. For me it is enough.

    In the USA this is called a Rear Luggage Dump.


    Berend from Holland

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  • Thanks Berend, I know this solution, had also considered this for my 993 Cabrio, but then not realized because it was too costly for me. For the 991 I want a "simpler", just out and in solution. I talked to AP Design in Dinslaken today. They said they could do that. I also have a contact in my area who is thinking about it....



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  • My luggage system even had two servo's for connection to the original central glazing. I have dismantled them. Why I do not know more. Unfortunately it has two disadvantages:

    1. in the small rooms it gets very warm. Food can not be left there during the ride ...........;

    2. there is no protection for the convertible top when it is opened. Normally the roof folds behind the backrests.

    But further it is a super thing. Together with my wife I make already for 11 years with our 993 cabrio in the summer vacation tours of c.a. 6000 km through Europe and it has proven itself very well.

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