Lifehack to save side panel from seat

  • I park my car mostly in the underground garage and have quite little space when getting in because of my neighbor. You can't get the long door open properly and then have to "drop" into the seat. For that reason, the left side bolster of my driver's seat looks quite unsightly.

    If you have the comfort seats with memory function or the adaptive sport seats, you can save your actual seat position on button 3 instead of button 1. On button 1 you can save a position where the seat and the backrest are further back, so that you can get in comfortably. This has the advantage that every time you unlock the car with the key in narrow garages or parking lots, the "easy entry position" of key 1 is selected. Then you can comfortably get into the car and only have to press key 3 to get to the actual driving position. This is a bit complicated, but it saves the side panel.

    It would be interesting if you could code the seat memory so that the driving position on button 3 is automatically selected as soon as you turn the key.

    I don't know if this trick has already been discussed in the forum here. If so, then I can delete the thread again.

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