Re-import. Useful or hands off?

  • Hello dear 991 friends.

    Need your opinion...

    I am thinking about buying a 991.2.

    Now I got an offer from a dealer for a 991.2 S4. BJ 2018 20 k km very good equipment

    for about 85k. The car is from California. However, had a fender bender front left without airbag and repaired at Porsche.

    Is of course a good price. But are damage and origin a KO criterion for you guys, or does the price make up for it?

    Am curious....

    Greetings Torsten

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  • I would show me the photos of the damage, the invoice from the service center, the Carfax and then calculate exactly what it costs in the end. Suspect, then the distance is no longer too great to a "domestic" 991/2. Where a California Porsche has not seen salt. With the Bj. would be still important whether he has encapsulation wastegate, new Wapu and the turbochargers new...



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  • Thanks Alex for the tips.

    Why is a new water pump or turbocharger a criteria with such low mileage?

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  • General problem of the first /2. Here in the forum also thematisiert.

    Think also of the conversions from US to Europe. Am however with the 991 there not so inside.

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  • It is already registered in Germany. The first 991.2 was already available in mid-2016, two years earlier.

    But of course, it's better to find out exactly beforehand. That's why I'm asking you.

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  • Hello Dentatore

    I took a chance and bought my 991.1 4S Cabrio also with moderate accident front left.

    Have here from a friend with KFZ workshop everything checked also 3D measurement, except for an error message PIWI everything top!

    Would do it again.

    Greetings Stefan

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  • I always think to myself, you get nothing for free in life. Without car knowledge I would not buy something like that.

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  • Stefan B.

    Yes there I agree with you.

    I had me 1 year 991 eigelesen and searched the market daily (interesting the price are 2021 to 2022 10-15 K increased in the 991.1S, last real Sauger will remain mE also very stable in value).Actually, the 991.1 is the most unproblematic 911s of all time so many weak points there are not here as with my Sl55AMG . Well after contacting the buyer I ordered the quasi had Carfax and other references from him. Then I drove to him, met him, inquired about him (he is not an intermediary had really ordered for himself and then wanted something else) and ordered the car quasi with him. The car then got with him TÜV full acceptance (I had me here in parallel with the expert short-circuited all good) . conversion to EU was previously made top PCM 3.1 everything as it is with a new delivery in DE. In addition, I have the car completely measured 3D / track and camber and me here even by phone taken care of it ) . Then only made an appointment for money transfer and pickup. We my Checker (Porsche specialist workshop owner, with the Porsche software and the laptop in the luggage) has Ihn then read out, error deleted test drive and read out again. And only then it went to the money counting machine ..the seller was in any case inferior (we " bears over 194 and he alone ...184 :) :thumbsup:

    A car purchase is also always a matter of trust and it is advantageous if one is longer before and even after the purchase in connection it is and was here with my description . So my motto is just always as a windsurfer who has the 5m abreiten behind him...No Risk No Fun :drive:

    Greetings and good luck

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