Stretching the inner lining on the tare roof

  • Hello together,

    The season is just around the corner and my remaining work is due.

    On my 86 924, the interior trim on the headliner has partially come loose in the area of the targa roof. At the fold to the targa roof opening.

    Now, unfortunately, the trim no longer reaches the upper edge of the fold. Just so to the lower edge. The sealing lip would just cover it ... or not.

    So how do I get the trim back up? My idea was to warm it up with a heat gun and gently pull it so it stretches again. Let it cool and then glue it back on.

    Has anyone tried this before? Will the fairing pull back together after it cools?

    Unfortunately nothing stretches when cold.

    In the picture you can see by the red arrow where the interior trim has retracted. To the left, the adhesive is still holding and is in the original position.

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  • In the worst case, the material is almost 40 years old. I would fear cracking at the slightest bit too much heat or the slightest pull too much. Then, in the worst case, you can completely reupholster everything.

    For safety reasons, I would re-glue the material where it reaches and somehow conceal the gap (if there is a color difference). The risk would be too high for me.

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    Besten Gruß


    Porsche 924 2.0 (1977)