Portal targets - website no longer available (Porsche Connect)

  • Hi!

    I tried to access the web portal for managing the portal targets from the PC via a bookmarked link about 2 weeks ago, after a break of several months, and now I get a '404' error. I have tried several popular browsers in the current version. Login to the Connect portal works and my individual data is displayed correctly, but I can't see the Connect services (after a redirect I end up on the same page without any information about the Connect services). Have already sent a request to the Connect people, but so far no answer. From the car I can still access the portal destinations in the Navi, but there it does not work via the web portal.

    Does anyone else currently have this problem? Any ideas?

    If someone has a still working direct link to the 'Portal Targets' (replace FIN in the URL with a placeholder if necessary before posting), could he please post it here?


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  • Hello Roland,

    the URLs change every now and then. I have already made the experience with some subpages of websites, where I have filed favorites to it.

    You have to search for the page again via the main page and then store it again.

    Porsche Connect: https://www.porsche.com/germany/connect/



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  • Hello Andreas,

    I had already tried that, but it doesn't show up anywhere. In the meantime, I have also received an answer from Porsche (smartmobility), which states that this functionality is now integrated into the MyPorsche app and that the portal no longer exists. Unfortunately, I don't see any of this in the app (on the latest version). It may not be properly connected to PCM. The iPhone shows me connected to the PCM WLAN hotspot, but the PCM in the device manager doesn't (although only the old Connect app is listed there, so I don't know if it works the same way with the MyPorsche app). The "Connect to PCM" button, which is mentioned in the info box of the PCM for the Connect app, I do not see in the MyPorsche app or the corresponding settings in the IPhone. The support also only said I had to connect to the WLAN hotspot, but obviously there is another condition. Bluetooth connection is available and I am logged into the MyPorsche app with my Porsche ID and sitting in the vehicle. On Wednesday I have in the PZ because wheel change anyway an appointment, maybe there is someone who can show me the times with the app. Maybe something does not fit with the wireless settings yet.


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