Porsche in Amazon Green Pearl / Amazon Green

  • Moin,

    I saw today for the first time a Porsche (964 Carrera 2) in the color Amazon Green Pearl live and was completely thrilled! 8| :love:

    But I have the impression that this color was chosen rather rarely?

    Therefore I would be pleased if you would share here your opinions about the color or even your experiences with the color. Preferably, of course, photos of it. Would actually be a color for me that would possibly justify the PTS price....

    I am curious!

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  • Amazon green is a great color, Konradsheim recently had a matching 964 C4 coupe, the site can still be found but doesn't have many good pictures of the exterior. Better ones can easily be found on the net...

    I think it was not that rare, but only from 1991 to 1993 for corresponding cars (also 928 and 968).

    There are two color codes for the paint, 37Z and 39A, designation is somewhat contradictory either Amazonasgruenmetallic or Amazonasgruenperlcolor.

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  • JPs Turbo also had original Amazon - I also find the sensational...

    from 9min 54s

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    997.2 Carrera S Cabrio "Lotte"

  • Find the color also totally great, but about PTS probably also rare to get.

    Do you know colors that have a similarly wide color spectrum. There are many shades of blue that go into the purple. But just blue / green would be really great. Fjord green has similarities from the color groups, but is a unilac and has not so much depth. Would be grateful for any tips. 👍

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  • Ocean Blue also consists of blue and green. A beautiful color. In strong sun, you can clearly see the green parts, otherwise it goes more into the blue.

    However, the color was probably only used between 1997 and 2004 - and not on the 997.

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  • Thank you Andreas!

    Ocean blue would actually but still deposited in the PTS selection opposite the Amazon green. Then I'll have to keep an eye out for it. 👍

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  • Gladly!

    By the way, I had once bought different tank caps, when I was looking for the right blue at the 996 Cabrio. So I could examine the shades in different lighting conditions: Lapis blue, zenith blue, night blue and ocean blue. What I ended up with was cobalt blue... Today, ocean blue would probably be my favorite, although blue always goes with Porsche.

    Color is important - good luck (and have fun) with the decision! :thumb:

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