Center console cocoa in leather

  • Yes that's clear, that today when such a part is made, have both different leather and a different yarn!

    I think that goes over the exclusive manufacture at Porsche in individual productions.

    But I find the price (3.5k) extremely excessive, for such a part!

    I have my center console at the time with a saddler make new.

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  • a short update with rather good news:

    After two careful cleanings with Nigrin Leather Soap, the seams have actually lightened up a bit. I don't know if it comes across in the picture - it also depends a lot on the light/shine. You can still see a difference and I still think the threads old vs new are not the same.

    At the same time, I'm already leaning heavily towards keeping the part and hoping/trusting that they'll continue to match over time.

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  • With the embossed Porsche Crest - very nice part!

    You really have to be very careful. If you rub too hard, the thread can "mat". You also have to be careful with the leather. But if the result suits you, this is the best solution now. Retrofitting leather parts is always a bit tricky. The color of the leather can vary, if only because the existing leather has been exposed to sunlight for years.

    If that fits you to 99%, that's top! :thumb:

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  • Hi,

    so I think your plan is very exciting, but if the part is currently removed, I would rather take it to the saddler and try to have it adjusted.

    I can only speak for myself, I would see it every time and be annoyed.

    99% just isn't 100%.

    Just meant as input.

    Kind regards


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  • I think someone treated it before with cocoa leather paint bissl. Then the seams are definitely darker than at delivery. Is with me also so. I have sand beige inside. When I treated it with sand beige leather care, you can't help but notice that the seams, which are normally white, are also discolored. Either you clean that with a toothbrush again white. Or the seams become beige with time. Or just cocoa.

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  • If the seams discolor, it was probably not leather care sand beige, but leather tinting in sand beige. I have never discolored seams with Protector care milk.

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