Level storage area with omission of rear seat unit

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    Thank you for your answer. I have been familiar with the issue for decades ;). It's always a choke to fit bags and suitcases in the back of the 911. I also have a normal 997, which is used for longer trips and there I manage well with the stowage of the containers. Nevertheless, I will be on the road with the GTS also for two and there is the rabbit in the pepper: my "Andrea" takes just more, as it is just so ... and I drive then also with braked foam. If "she" would not be, I would not need a flat shelf for more usable storage space. My effort is just not to use too large bags / suitcases. Known from the beetle :headbange

    We will see :)

    Leave the trunk to your wife and throw the second T-shirt you need to change into the back :thumbsup:. Luggage for men is overrated anyway.

    And the 997 is of course a bit easier to pack. Since you can also make the rear seats flat. Is at least with mine so, I think.

    Alternatively roof rack.... :still:

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  • As long as the shoes acquired or to be acquired on the way are packed in cuboid boxes, such a filing is quite reasonable. The T-shirt can then be placed underneath on the carpet - always within easy reach.

    MUV17 :drive:

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    Mitglied des T UV · Ein Auto ist ein Gebrauchsgegenstand. Ich benutze es, um von A nach A zu fahren.

  • :chips:

    I'm curious to see how it continues. The same Situiation there is also with me in the rear along with preferences of Andrea. I thought so far there is an enormous amount of space that can be filled with (Louis-) Dascherln. But the sample will also be done only in the spring.

    For hard cases, a flat surface would certainly be advantageous, but they will certainly be cumbersome to heave in and out even with a perfectly folded bucket seat.
    In any case, keep us posted.

    And congrats on the Gts! :blumengruss:

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  • Thanks Frederic! We will see. Have learned that too large suitcases are just too unwieldy, so I've already switched to moderate sized suitcases with sturdy sides and soft material. Leather bags in various designs are also helpful.

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