A Cayman is needed - for the time being

  • Moin. I do not know if the TE has found, but I would also have a request and do not want to start a new thread!

    Have an offer for a Cayman 2.7 from 2007 109,000km with sports package:
    - unfortunately without cruise control and PCM
    - but "only" CDR24
    - but still automatic climate control and sport seats plus
    - and PASM (I find a bit stupid, because of more expensive repairs)
    - Norway re-import in 2008.
    - After that 4 owners (the last one had it registered only for one month and then decided to buy a 911, according to the dealer)
    - Car needs some care from inside as well as outside, but that's not a thing and also looking forward to do something like that in summer together with our 981
    - unfortunately missing almost 6 years of history (no maintenance, no receipts)
    - had slight graze damage in front, but nothing wild

    - last TÜV in 2021: engine a little wet --> bad or at the age "normal"?

    Price incl. maintenance and TÜV new = 25.000€.

    I drove it yesterday, drives absolutely good and clean.
    Has already set a little bit of the have-want feeling.

    And as I wrote in another thread: The selection and the prices do not get better! Now I do not know what to do.

    Vehicle is from a very competent and sympathetic Porsche classic car dealer (near me) with a lot of passion. There is yes 1 year warranty (now since 01.01.2022 also with changed reversal of the burden of proof), of which would be covered yes problems with the engine, but the history is really messy. Vehicle drives well though. Therefore, the consideration to drive it for a year (until the end of warranty) and then perhaps to sell again.

    What do you think?

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  • It's difficult to judge. It reads well to me at first - but you have to have seen and driven the Cayman.

    Has it been parked for a long time? That could be the reason for the sweating on the engine. I wouldn't overestimate that now. I personally don't see light bumps so closely - if it was repaired cleanly.

    PASM, sports seats plus and 107tkm sound good. Also the reputable dealer and the warranty.

    Cruise control and PCM I don't think are that important. The PCM no longer offers current maps anyway. This year Porsche is supposed to come out with a PCCM Plus for 997/987. Or you install a radio from Kenwood/Sony &Co (matter of taste).

    Larger / better the offer is no longer in the Caymans... wish a good decision!


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  • Hello

    take someone with a Piwis to the dealer and have a vehicle analysis protocol created.

    Then you can see from the operating hours difference DME and airbag, whether the km was screwed, this is usually forgotten when cheating. In addition, costly errors in the Variocam adjustment (magnet hangs, Variocampads worn) so to recognize.

    For the oil loss you can add up to 2.500 EUR until it is fixed, many Porsches drip a little bit, I wouldn't want to drive around like that. In addition, you may have to change the clutch including the flywheel, and, if desired, a direct oil feed to solve the intermediate shaft bearing problem once and for all.

    Then there are the usual wear parts: Brakes, brake discs, air filter, cabin filter, gas pressure dampers on the hoods, tires (DotNr.? - not older than 4-5 years...) etc., which should be done, because here often the "Porsche tax" hits in the spare part prices. :kwink: 2007 is just also a little longer ago.

    :pfeil: Then another Rempler....for me, the turnip would not be worth a cent over 20 kEUR if that's all done, rather only 17,500, since re-import with not traceable history.

    The PCM and cruise control can only be switched on in the Piwis (without code. at least in the 9x6 models) and before that mount the appropriate steering armature with the four levers:




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  • I think you buy a 987 Cayman to keep it...and not to get rid of it (then hopefully) after a year.

    That's why I had to invest more than 25k years ago, but then I had a car without any compromises... ;)



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  • I have now also found - well above the intended budget, but as a 987.2 with PDK and Appoved for 2 years.

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  • Servus together, have already struck a few weeks ago, vehicle must still be transferred :drive:

    Is also with me a childhood dream that I have now fulfilled - Cayman 987.2 S BE

    More info and pictures will be available in March. The car has already been optimized by the previous owner and is therefore possibly known to one or the other. :wink:

    Look forward to a pleasant exchange in the PFF :headbange

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