The search for Porsche No.3 - it became a 991.2 !

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    it has become a bit common practice here to embellish the purchase of a new or new used vehicle literarily. Therefore I take the liberty to write a few lines. Due to the season and the weather it's a good time for that and I hope it doesn't bore too much...

    Driving a Porsche has always been on my mind since I was young. Originally, I had my eye on a G-model in my youth (or rather childhood). I had my own ideas, a brown-metallic coupe or a convertible in white were the dreams of the early 80s. The difference between a SC and a Carrera was not familiar to me at that time, but the shape and the sound were. In the middle of the 90's it was almost a 85 Carrera Coupe in black which then had to give way to the Vernuftkauf of a 320i. That was also good so at that time. Various always nicely made everyday cars from Munich and Stuttgart or Sindelfingen as well as a 79 323i Baur Cabrio as a collector's car followed and the topic Porsche moved for the first time somewhat from the focus if also never completely.

    After the old beautiful 323i and also my old motorcycle were no longer in the inventory for space and interest reasons, I became by a coincidence on the Porsche 924s aufmeksam. In my automotive youth, the 924 was rather rejected by me, but I liked the old classic interior with the 3 round instruments and the additional instruments in the center console as well as the no-frills timeless form very much. Out of interest I got some books about the 924/944 series. The history of the sports car developed by Porsche for Audi and rejected by the VAG group as a stepchild and its rebirth as a Porsche had fascinated me somehow and I thought to myself that you have to get such a car. However, it still took a few years until in 2012, after a health crisis, I gave my wife to understand that I would buy such a car as a wrenching project. No sooner said than done, it became an alpine white 924s of the last series from 1988 with 160hp and a great equipment for the conditions at that time. Everything was on board as desired, even if most of it was out of order. Targa roof, climate, power windows, power steering, split rear seat, pinstriped seats and as 5-speed shifter. Not much else really went on a 24s. The totally neglected car underwent an elaborate partial restoration in which a lot of technology but also the paint was renewed and made with a small power cure actually also powerful fun. But with the Porsche virus finally infected it should not have been that.


    The first time with the 924s at the PFF meeting 2015.

    Something else was needed. Something even more "Porschigeres". In the meantime, confronted with buying a house and renovation work, the resources and time were not too abundant. A large construction site was therefore out of the question. Porsche 968 as coupe with targa roof or as convertible were also in the room. The best price-performance ratio, however, I saw in 2016 in the Boxster 986 and this car I already knew well from a friend as a 2.7 for some time. Six-cylinder B6 in the rear, although more vulnerable than any transaxle engine and the newer technology gave then the decision towards 986. Thus, the decision was made and the search for a good specimen went off. After many driven kilometers it became one of the last in Stuttgart built 986 Boxster S from 2004. Night blue with metropolitan blue as a manual with leather seats, PCM2 and M030 chassis was everything on the wish list. Only that he has no full leather equipment caused a small Wehmutstropfen. But otherwise it was the low mileage 986 FL Boxster S I was looking for. The 924s had to give way in this case though. It was not possible for various reasons both at that time and I did not want it.

    I wouldn't be me if the Boxster hadn't received some subtle changes in looks, cosmetics and performance as well. A registered performance upgrade from BendeRSpeedup, manifolds and H&R bars, made their way in, as did a shortened shift path and most recently the new PCCM Plus. The suspension has now been almost completely overhauled and the M030 dampers have been replaced with Bilstein B8s. Great emphasis has always been placed on cosmetics both inside and out. A great, sporty car and more Porsche actually no one needs when it comes to have fun with open roof on the highway or even during an Alpine tour. Nevertheless, a year ago the decision was made to sell the Boxster to make room for something else. So I advertised the Boxster. After a few interested parties I soon deleted the ad because it was too stupid for me to let people talk bad about the car because they wanted to get a top 986s for the price of a rocked out one. I then had the driver's door painted because of some nice side parking as well as the Carrera rims. New PS4 tires, great service and so the Boxster stands today with 110 tsd. kilometers only times also still with me to take that in front. Meanwhile the consideration went on what kind of Porsche should come next.


    The 986 Boxster S in May 2021 behind the pits at the Nürburgring after a few laps on the Grand Prix circuit.

    So what should follow the 986 Boxster S was the question. Initially, all possible options were in the thought carousel. Cayman 987R, 997S, Boxster 981S / GTS were candidates. Here and there we read, compared prices to get a feeling for the market. One or the other car was also driven. Since the release of the Boxster GTS 4.0 I was also looking at the Boxster GTS 4.0. I was thinking back and forth. Will the Boxster 986 stay or will it go away? Again a Boxster in addition!? Doesn't make sense either, then the 986 has to go. How about a Cayman 981 GT4??? This car has also fascinated me since its release. But do I need such a track car? Boxster GTS 4.0 and Cayman 981 GT4 have been the favorites for a long time and were constantly under observation and weighed against each other.

    Little by little the thought of a 911 came up. Why not. Keep the 986 Boxster S (for now) and add a 911. Spun, but why not. After all, so on a day trip also times our two small Hundis on the emergency seats in the back could be strapped. Pleases certainly also Andrea.... . Thus was looked within the budget times what was to be had on the 11er market so. Not too old, not too many kilometers, but within budget. Already at the beginning a car appeared that immediately appealed to me and did not let go. In the meantime this 991.2 I had under observation was off the market again. Chance missed I already thought. Then the car appeared again after about two weeks because a prospective buyer had probably jumped off. First I looked at it alone, later I test drove it with Andrea and bought it!

    So it is now einletztendlichein 991.2 Carrera C4 Bj. 2018, 32tsd. kilometers run, 1st hand. Hand torn in graphite blue metallic with interior in chalk/dark blue, 18 way sport seats and glass sunroof it does not quite meet the mainstream I dare say.

    After the acquisition in the summer I have also here some changes let flow in so that the 911 now completely corresponds to my conceptions.

    A performance increase again by the company BendeRSpeedup carried out as well as the conversion to the brake system of the S model with Stahlfelxleitungen and EBC pads. Performance goes let's say towards GTS level. A lowering by means of Eibach springs, wheel spacers at the VA in 5mm and at the HA in 7mm, the optionally available darkened taillights and Sportendrohrbelden in S optics were also still installed. The original front bumper was provided with the somewhat larger front lip from the 991.2 T. Last but not least I exchanged the Carrera S wheels for new turbo wheels with new PS4 plus. Of course everything registered!

    A 991.2 C4 I had originally not on the screen. Ultimately, however, he is probably what I had always been looking for ignorantly.

    Until I think of manyicht what new.... 8o


    IMG_4142 (002).jpg

    From here on after my own paint treatment.

    IMG_4133 (002).jpg

    IMG_4136 (002).jpg

    IMG_4123 (002).jpg

    IMG_4119 (002).jpg

    IMG_2641 (002).jpg

    IMG_4127 (002).jpg

    And please do not ask questions whether the car has Approved ;). Just take the story as it is.

    All a good and beautiful season 2022 !

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  • Finally some text to the k:coffee:

    SO goes forum k:thankyou:

    Cool story!!!

    Congratulations from my side to the new acquisition :blumengruss:

    Well, the virus... so it happens to many here

    But why not

    I can not think of anything against it



    I wish you a lot:cool2: And :freu: With k:dance:

    And many crease-free journeys :drive:

    And us :deal:

    So do not forget the k:computing:

    Greetings Rainer :wink:

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  • Great story and keep the 986 !!!!

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  • Great car :blumengruss: class that he is not mainstream and the color combination is top! I would find RS Spyder wheels in silver even more suitable (the moldings still fit then 8:-)).

    And nice story around it :thumb:

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  • Story is too long for me, but the pictures are also meaningful k:good:.

    Sincerely :blumengruss:

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    Viele Grüße von Thomas

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  • Have only read the last part of the story k:good:.

    Very nice color combo!

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  • Hello Alf,

    congratulations :blumengruss:. Wish you also continue to have fun and enjoy your fancy 991.2 :drive:.

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