A Cayman under the Christmas tree... ;)

  • If you already take the small engine, why not the 987.2 as 2.9 liters. Is close deck and still has the intake manifold injector.

    Quite obviously, the small engine of the first series is not unproblematic. And with a replacement engine from the PZ, the weak points are not eliminated.

    On the one hand, a 2.9 engine costs considerably more than a 2.7, which is already (too) expensive at the moment. That should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to buy a vehicle. 8:-)

    On the other hand, the late 2.7 is considered quite inconspicuous and stable - with appropriate treatment and maintenance. Since that - for whatever reason - was obviously not the case with this specimen, it should now be statistically extremely durable with a new engine... :roargh:

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  • Thank you! :wink:

    The "problem" with the last 996 was also that the convertible was a compromise for my better half. But in the end, only I drove it, so this compromise no longer made sense. Since the Cayman had always appealed to me, and I only came to the 996 Coupé because of the emergency seats - this time it should be a Porsche only for my demands.

    By the way, I deliberately chose the 987.1. And with this specimen everything else fit, so that I have to change very little. Because then I can drive more... :thumb:

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  • Good evening Andreas,

    Congratulations on your great Cayman, that's a great coincidence, also with me was a black Cayman 2.7, 987c under the Christmas tree or now still at the seller and as soon as the weather and Covid plays along, I pick me up in southern Germany and bring the to our home in Sardinia.

    Also with us it became a successor of a convertible, SL500 R129, me has always liked the Cayman very well, an idea how it came to the purchase I will publish the days.

    Have fun driving and refining

    Greetings and happy new year 2022 from Sardinia


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  • Hey Andreas, congratulations on the Cayman!

    In my opinion, the Cayman is one of the most beautiful Porsches of all time.

    BUT!! 2.7l and 245hp?!

    You must have some ulterior motives we don't know about or?

    And I bet CDP plays a role in your thoughts. 8)


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  • 987.1 with 2.7 liters (05/2008)
    Black / black, which suits the "little one" very well
    A bit lower and wider (H&R) with the favored 18 inch wheels
    Throughout serviced and maintained in the PZ
    2nd hand
    Exchange engine before 42tkm in the PZ on Approved

    Hello and congratulations on the great car!

    Somehow the vehicle specs tell me something. Does the car come from near Ingolstadt? Coincidentally the air conditioning without function? Then I had the car already in the summer in the target and not struck ...

    BG Bubi

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  • Just seen - congratulations from me too :blumengruss: I had the 987.1 as a Boxster with the same engine for a long time and enjoyed driving this car very much - by the way, the only vehicle so far with which I have not had a single unscheduled visit to the workshop in two years (i.e. apart from maintenance, tire changes etc., but not a single defect).

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    1974 911 Targa

    1985 944 Coupé

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    2003 996 Carrera Cabrio

  • Thank you! I am also happy with the decision to Cayman.... :thumb:

    Actually I didn't want to change anything on the Cayman, but a few small things have become it:

    1. the sports steering wheel has done it to me:

    2. cover / armrest in the center console with embossed Porsche crest:

    3. armrest and handle in leather and double stitching:

    Will still convert the windshield wipers to Aerotwin mount. But that's really it... :thumb:

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  • Yes, the resolutions are always like that. Nothing will be changed on the new car. :saint:

    But everything looks great. Have you found the armrest with the emblem somewhere used?

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